30 April 2013

Ahaunting Red Eyes

                                                                  We stayed in barrack no13 till our drill and discipline training was over. We were 50, in three big rectangular rooms of the barrack. Each room accommodated around 15 cadets though it was designed for not more than 10.
Atleast 5 suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome.
In summer it was horrible as the ceiling fans were not planted at the right place and it was one of the best barracks in the training campus and you can well imagine the plight of other barracks . Well it was all about the condition of the barrack.On one such summer night around 3 am my sound sleep was interrupted by screams and cries '' O Bora da ki korile apuni aaahaaaa''' O Bora da ki korile apuni aaahaaaa'. As I regained sense from my sleep I knew it was mahesh's voice from room no 3 ... He was calling my name O' Bedu .. Bedu come and see what bora has done.

                                                                   He was crying in grief.. Bora was a man of strange personality. His interest were kung fu, astrology, giving lecture on every topics. He was a very dissatisfied man in life. Once I remember he was doing push ups in art of living session. And he was the only one who paid bribe for the job.When he remembers this his face becomes red in anger.. Then he hates his job even more. And today listening to Mahesh's scream I was sure he has committed suicide out of frustrations .. O Bedu.. O Bora ki hol tumar...I felt for the switch board and switch on the  light . Fear and confusion had overcome my mind and i didnt know what to do.. I walked slowly towards room No 3. Mahesh was still crying .fearing the worst to see I slowly walked towards room3 .
                                                               There he was surrounded by some of his mates. I leaned forward to get a closer view. His body was in a curve shape like a bow. His eyes were red and mouth was frothing. Froth was red with blood. He was not responding us. Slowly he regained consciousness much to our relief. He tried to move his hands , one of us helped him straighten his body. Mahesh asked him Are you ok , which he nodded in affirmative. The ambulance will be here in a minute i said.. Mahesh rubbed his face with a wet towel, we helped him sit on the bed. Bora murmered , no need of the ambulance,I ll go and see doctor tomorrow as if he knew what happened to him.
                                                                  In the meantime the ambulance arrived. Along with came one nursing orderly (he is like a paramedic) . He started examining him and Bora was saying I am not going anywhere , I am felling better now.. Though he looked quite horrible. The whole episode continued till morning. News of  Bora condition spread like wild fire. At around 8.30 am  Training Incharge came to take stock of the situation.. He was furious why Bora declined to go to hospital. If something had happened to him who would be responsible. Rumours were cropping up that he is being possessed. 
                                                               Training Incharge was sure that this was the work of some bad spirits which should be get rid of immediately. He pointed out a medium sized tree which was at the boundary of our barrack.  Which was cut off immediately by some of his most obedient cadets. Imagine 3 trees felled to ground on the suspiscion that they are harbouring ghosts. It was now 9.30 and were attending law class. Bora went to police hospital panbazar from where he was directed to do a CT SCAN of brain. He returned after doing the tests. Test reports were to be given tomorrow. He showed us his tongue. A part of it was missing. I remembered blood coming out from his mouth that night. The day ended in conversations ranging from suicides to natural deaths that have occurred in the campus. There is one Shiv temple in barrack no 4 as it was haunted. 
                                                              There have been suicides earlier near barrack 4. Even there was one suicide near barrack 13. A cadet some years back had committed suicide by hanging himself on a date tree. We were quite convinced that Bora was possessed by some bad spirits. That night every body went to sleep by 10.30pm At night the environment was very scary. Mahesh left for his home to spend the night. Every one went to bed at the right time ie 10.30 pm. Liquor parties ended at 10 pm which would have otherwise continued till 1 am. Every one controlled their bladders that night. No body went to toilet that night which was away from the barrack that too without light. 
                                                                    Next day Bora's test reports came.. he actually had cysts in his brain and last night he had an epileptic fit .
He was also sufferring from chronic fatigue syndrome.
Doctor said it was curable and he will be all right within a few months time.We were very much relieved to know that it was curable and that he was not possessed. Pork and vegetable salad were his favourite items. He may had consumed pork infested with tapeworms.. Mahesh never slept in barrack again.

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Anonymous said...

wish all ghost stories had a logical and scientific answers :) although most are nothing but less known scientific conditions.

Thanks for sharing your experience .. I stumbled upon your site and ghost stories always excite me hence i clicked on this post :)

Bedaanga Sarma said...

Thank you so much for the comment. I am glad that you enjoyed the post..

Indrani said...

I was getting slightly worried as I read on, hope he is doing fine now.

Bedaanga Sarma said...

Oh he is fine now... Thank you for the comment.

Bedaanga Sarma said...

Oh he is fine now.. Thank you for the comment.