30 May 2013

Bull fight : Part- 2


                                                               Badal was sighted two days after the attack. He was limping. By attacking Brahma it earned itself the reputation of being one of the most dangerous animal of the locality. Our training campus is surrounded by three hills full of forest cover. Snakes, various species of birds even leopards are in abundance. Once a python swallowed eight ducks . Hav. Bora was the owner of the ducks. He raised alarm on seeing the python in his backyard. Sensing danger , the python vomited all the eight ducks. But the ducks were already dead. The python was caught and handed over to forest personnel who released them in the same hill from where it came . 
                                                          Coming to Badal again, every one was waiting to teach him a lesson. The incident that angered most was the 2nd in charge of training. He was Mr D.K. I remember Mr D.K saying that he will kill Badal as soon as he appears at the campus. 
                                                             Soon at about 1200 hrs Badal was seen grazing at the play ground. Immediately there was hue and cry all around. Badal was being chased by about fifty cadets. Mr. DK was leading the chase. As Badal was running he was beaten with bamboos, sticks even iron rods . The southern part of our campus is bounded by Deepor Beel (Natural water body) . It was 6 - 7 ft deep. 

                                                               Badals was bleeding . Unable to find any escape route Badal jumped into Deepor Beel. The crowd stopped at the boundary . Mr. DK said this is what Badal deserved. Every one thought Badal will die eventually. After around 2 minutes Badal appeared on the surface to breathe. After breathing he again disappeared... 


Unknown said...

But people felt bad for badal that day coz he was beaten mercilessly.Someone saw Badal limping towards Lankeswar mandir

Bedaanga Sarma said...

Its very nice that you remember that incident. That day we really felt bad for Badal. We thought Badal will die soon. But he survived to do another such incident 6 months later